TEDx Nuku’alofa 2021 Program

TEDx Nuku’alofa Program 2021

Leaping Into The Unknown or Kakapa Kihe Ta’e’alo’aloa



Sam Wykes & Andrew Katoa


Live Panel Discussion Kalafi Moala, Tevita Fa’uhiva, Jemima Garrett, Michael Field and facilitated by Virginia Helu
Item 1

Crystal Ake

Food food for the future

Item 2

Tomui Kaloni

Fale; Architecture is hearing or fanongo

Item 3

Ana Tupou Panuve

Should remittances be reinvested?

Item 4

Dr. Sione Vaka

Ūloa: A Tongan approach of integrating mental health


Daniel Mateo

‘Aho’eitu, A New Dawn

Live Panel Discussion

Dr.Melenaite Taumoefolau, Professor Jioji Ravulo, Sione Sailosi and facilitated by Virginia Helu

Item 5

Dr. Opeti Taliai

Re-examining Tongan history

Item 6

Tui Emma Gillies

The Tongan Kupesi

Item 7

Dr. Michael Horowitz

Towards understanding China in Tonga


Sam Wykes & Andrew Katoa




Find Your Flow: How finding your flow leads to an increase in productivity


Can you recall the last time you were so engaged in an activity or task that time froze in its path and slowly melted away while the sounds around you faded into the distance? Perhaps you were writing, painting, exercising, playing an instrument or solving a problem. You may have felt so immersed in the process and enjoyment of it, that you lost sense of your surroundings. For athletes this mental state of complete focus and attention is often referred to as being in ‘The Zone.’ For Psychologists this optimal state of mind is known as flow. Continue reading “Find Your Flow: How finding your flow leads to an increase in productivity”

Social Media Literacy: What is it and why we need it

(Image by Pixabay from Pexels)

The morning light permeates through the diaphanous curtains of pearl grey while my phone announces itself, quavering on the bedside table next to me. I reach out, grasp it in my palm and hover it above my face. I squint my eyes— my lashes masking the initial forceful glare of my screen— while I scan the notifications listed on my device. This seems to be a common practice for many of us. The pounding urge to check who in our social network has prompted the ding at the dawn of day. We then spend hours on end enthralled in the content published on our social media apps, drifting through the news feed one thumb swipe at a time. Without too much deep thought, we begin to ‘share’ revealing posts, ‘like’ enlightening images and posit our unsolicited opinions in the comment sections of numerous articles and Facebook pages. Continue reading “Social Media Literacy: What is it and why we need it”